Barrier Gates Northbrook – New

We were recently called out to Solomon Schechter Day School (of Metropolitan Chicago) in nearby Northbrook, Il. They were having problems with two obsolete automatic barrier gates (see image below) to their underground parking facility.

The image above shows the replacement parking barrier gates we selected and installed. The gates are supplied by Elka. Standard arm lengths of these automatic barrier gates come 8′ to 16′. They feature break away arms and auto reverse. Opening and closing speeds have three options. The gate controller takes inputs from up to three vehicle detector loops.

Barrier Gates Northbrook – Old

We also supplied new yellow bollard covers (above with the reflective red stripes). The bollards themselves are installed to protect expensive equipment from damage as well as to protect cars from minor damage. They are generally made from strong steel and embedded into the concrete to resist impact.

The new covers are fade resistant and designed to absorb a minor impact and thereby lessen potential damage to the bollards themselves and even the vehicle. Taped reflective stripes make it easier for drivers to spot them at night.

If you look closely at the picture of the original gates (above our copyright on the left) you can also see the white cut marks in the concrete where the vehicle detector loops were installed prior. Also notice (top image) the grey proximity reader on a black pedestal base on the closest concrete pad.

We have written about Elka barrier gates several times in the recent past. Earlier this year we wrote “New Barrier Gates for Inverness Gated Residential Community“.

Late last year we wrote about installations at Triton College as well. They were “New Barrier Gates and Detector Loops for Triton College Lot” and “Solar Powered Vehicle Barrier Gates For Triton College Field“.

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