Barrier Gates at Loyola University's Staff Lot 1

Barrier Gates at Loyola University’s Staff Lot 1

We installed the two automatic barrier gates shown above which were manufactured by Magnetic AutoControlS. It is part of the Loyola campus-wide Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) in Chicago. The picture shows the in and out barrier gates and their operators at the staff parking lot number one.

Also mounted on the island are two black gooseneck pedestals. Mounted on each pedestal is an access card reader and an intercom station.

Notice also the cut marks in the concrete where we installed vehicle detector loops. These detect vehicles in the vicinity of the gates and also after they clear the gates. Then they relay the operator to close the gate to prevent tailgating or another vehicle following the first.

The yellow bollards protect the expensive equipment from accidental damage from errant vehicles. ECI also supplied all conduit shown as well as the junction boxes, switches and connections.

This is a part of the extensive system which includes WPS Parking Solutions’ entry and exit terminals, pay on foot terminals as well as software.

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