Entry Barrier Gate Tootsie Roll Employee Parking Lot

Entry Barrier Gate Tootsie Roll Employee Parking Lot

I first wrote about work ECI did for Tootsie Roll in Chicago on this blog almost five years ago. The article was titled “Protecting Tootsie Roll Employee Parking Facility in Chicago”.

In the article I discussed an initial security project we completed approximately 10 years prior. At that time we installed perimeter security protection for the plant’s main entrance.

The 2017 article reported a second project we completed for the company on Chicago’s south side. The follow up project addressed security at the dual entry and exit lanes to an employee parking facility.

We installed a guard booth, two combination barrier gate operators and barrier gates, a concrete island, area lighting, protective bollards, vehicle detector loops, electrical junction boxes, conduit and wiring. We also integrated the barrier gates to work with the company’s existing access control system.

I am delighted to write and tell you that just last month we complete yet another project for Tootsie Roll in Chicago. We replaced old barrier gates that were obsolete and failing at another employee parking lot.

Pictured above is a Nice/HySecurity DC-14 Barrier Gate operator and barrier arm at the parking lot entrance. This is the same reliable equipment we used before.

Next to the fence post is an access control reader and intercom mounted on a goose neck pedestal. Yellow bollards protect the equipment from damage from errant vehicles. Notice the vehicle detector loops cut into the pavement. A duplicate configuration is shown below at the exit lane.

Exit Barrier Gate Tootsie Roll Employee Parking Lot

Exit Barrier Gate Tootsie Roll Employee Parking Lot

Nice/HySecurity StrongArmPark™ DC-14 barrier gates are suitable for high-capacity parking lots, low clearance garages and residential gated communities. They come left-hand standard but can easily be converted to right-hand. Gate arms are available in lengths of 10, 12 and 14 feet to span various lane widths.

These aluminum arms are available with bumpers, lights, breakaway brackets and kill switches. These features help protect both pedestrians and vehicles. Articulating arms are available for low-ceiling parking lot applications. Optional solar power can be used where electricity is not available.

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