Not everyone is happy with the newly erected anti-terrorist barriers installed in Cambridge at an entrance to King’s Parade. We last wrote about this 18 month trial in December in “Anti Terrorist Swing Gate Barriers To Be Active In Cambridge”.

At that time we discussed the concerns raised for the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians on this busy thoroughfare. At times student traffic is heavy as they hastily make their way to and from their college classes.

The above video, at 4X speed, shows the volume of vehicular and bicycle traffic during student rush hour around 9:00 AM some years back. I personally have concerns for those traveling on foot while trying to avoid the bicycle and vehicle traffic flowing in multiple directions.

The counter-terrorism barriers became operational earlier this week., There is less than a four-foot clearance for bicyclists moving in both directions when the barriers are shut from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. This according to “Cycling campaigners urge rethink of Cambridge anti-terrorism barriers“.

The actual street construction also places the bike through-way near the curb. Cobblestones and the gutter take up nearly half of the width. Also because of the layout, pedestrians are using the bicycle path even though there is a pedestrian bypass for foot traffic. (Detailed images are available on the web site.)

I quote from a blog post on CamCycle “Anti-terrorism barriers obstruct people cycling on King’s Parade“. “It seems all too obvious that all the barriers will do is to create exactly the kind of crowds that a terrorist would want to drive into…large groups standing in the middle of the road, is outside the closed zone.”

This is implying that a crowd will back up and grow large outside the actual protected area when the barricades are closed. It will make for an inviting target for terrorists which is just the opposite intent of the original reason to install anti-terrorist barriers.

Let us see how long this ‘temporary’ installation actually lasts!

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