Guard Booth for Project Ocean in University Park, IL

Guard Booth for Project Ocean in University Park, IL

ECI installed a new guard booth for Clayco (general contractor) at the Project Ocean in University Park, IL earlier this spring. The booth itself, the concrete pad and electrical power was supplied by others and ECI did the installation and hookup. The guard booth is shown to the left.

Our company has installed many guard booths as witnessed by recent articles on Tootsie Roll and Moody Church. Porta-King,  a leading supplier, offers us many construction and security options. Porta-King can also supply toll booths, parking booths, etc.

Guard booth layouts can be customized to both size and finish, may be equipped with climate control devices and may include restrooms. High security ballistic rated materials, shutters and locks, security screens, bullet-proof glass, exterior lighting, etc. are but some of the security options. These security features help protect guards’ physical well being as well as shielding equipment from vandalism and theft.

Our own Al Krueger, Parking & Access Control Systems Division Manager oversaw the installation. Michael Husko and Don Husko were the installers.

According to Wikipedia, guard booths are also mainly referred to as guardhouses or can also be called guard shacks, guard buildings, watch houses, security buildings or security booths. There primary use is to house and shelter security personnel and their equipment.

Guard booths “…are generally placed at the entrance as checkpoints for securing, monitoring and maintaining access control into the secured facility. In the case of small to mid-sized facilities, generally, the entire physical security envelope is controlled from…” them

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