Barrier Gates – DeKalb IL

Earlier this month I wrote about a business parking lot in DeKalb, Illinois where we installed two commercial Slide Smart DC™ slide gate operators. That was published as: “New Slide Gate Operators Installed At DeKalb Parking Area.”

As part of the project to secure the access and egress lanes for the lot, we also installed two StrongArmPark DC™ barrier gate arm operators with their advanced HyProtect breakaway barrier gates. These were also supplied by Nice/HySecurity and are pictured in tandem above.

Each barrier arm is highly visible and has a sensitive auto rebound feature which minimizes the possibility of injury as well as vehicle damage. Arms are available in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ as well as articulating configurations for low ceiling clearance applications (i.e. garages).

The operators may be wired in directly or solar-powered. Most access control, vehicle detection and safety devices, as well as other accessories, can be wired in as well.

Nice/HySecurity promises extremely low maintenance and minimal downtime. A two-year warranty is included.

Once again, DeKalb is located about 55 miles west of Chicago and is the home of Northern Illinois University.

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