A new system of security bollards is to replace an older system on Southend’s (UK) High Street. The goal is to increase security at access streets by limiting vehicle access into the high pedestrian traffic area. The present system is in disrepair and no longer functions adequately.

Echo News reported this a few days ago in its story – “Southend High Street to get new bollards to beef up security”. The work has begun and should be completed before the year’s end. The aim is to allow pedestrians to shop while keeping disturbances to a minimum.

Borough Council, the local business organization, has a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) team that will be able to see and control the perimeter security bollards round the clock. The extended story on the council’s site listed some 20 access roads where the perimeter security bollards are to be enhanced.

A council representative was quoted to say: “Public safety is of paramount importance and it is key that we renew the current bollards at the entrances to our High Street…installing the new and improved system will improve security and allow us to better manage vehicle access for this high footfall area.”

Southend (short for Southend-on-Sea) is located 40 miles east of London in Essex. If you navigate eastward on the River Thames into the Thames Estuar and sits on the north side of the Thames Estuar leading into the United Kingdom from the English Channel.

We have reported many times prior on the efforts of towns in the USA, Britain and other countries in thwarting the use of vehicles in terrorist attacks on pedestrians. Last year we wrote about “York England Considering New Security Bollards For Safety” as well as “Anti Terrorist Bollards and Traffic Control Steps in England” to mention a few.

As always, the concern is mainly for the safety of pedestrians including locals, visitors and workers.

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