Slide Gate Operator and Entrapment Safety Gear

Slide Gate Operator and Entrapment Safety Gear

ECI was called to Saint Mary’s Hospital on Chicago’s near west side. Management wanted to secure the facility since the neighbors were parking their vehicles in the hospital’s parking lot at night. Then in the morning staff and patients did not have enough parking spaces.

A fence surrounded the property with a pair of sliding gates at the entry to the lot. However, there were two old and obsolete slide gate operators which haven’t worked for over 10 years.

We replaced the old operators with two new Nice/HySecurity Slidesmart DC15 chain drive slide gate operators. They operate as a master and slave combination to close both gates so they meet in the middle of the driveway. One operator is shown in the middle of the image on the left. It is the teal blue box mounted off the ground.

One end of a photoelectric beam is mounted on a vertical beam in the foreground and a safety edge guard on the edge of the gate itself. These act as entrapment devices which relay the gate operator to stop and reverse if an object (i.e. vehicle) or a person is detected as the gates close.

The image below shows two vehicle detector loops. The gates are actually open during the day closed after normal hours at night.

Vehicle Detector Loops at Saint Marys

Vehicle Detector Loops at Saint Mary’s

When a staff member works late and wants to exit the lot the loop inside the lot detects the vehicle and relays to open the gates. The detector closest to the street senses the vehicle has cleared the gates and relays to operator to close the gates.

These commercial grade slide gate operators are powered via electricity and another solar powered model is available when an electrical source isn’t available. They come with back up battery power and a five-year warranty is standard.

Their half horsepower motors are rated to move gates up to 40 feet long that weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Another model operates gates weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Two output relays are included and an optional relay board can supply eight more outputs.

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