Just yesterday I read an article in Counter Terror Business entitled “New guidance to prevent use of vehicles as weapons”. This led me to the BSI Group site. There you can download (see below) a free copy of a pdf file ‘First standard to mitigate malicious security risks for commercially operated vehicles’ there. The pamphlet is available by merely registering.

The BSI Group (formerly British Standards Institution) has been supplying the UK with national standards and certifications for over 120 years. It now operates in 195 countries per Wikipedia.

I have not read the entire standard as of yet. But according to Counter Terror Business it “sets out the process of identifying, implementing and maintaining security measures”. This they hope will help lessen the risk of terrorists, and other organized crime groups, using commercial vehicles in perpetrating crimes.

The main object is to avoid personal injury and death of individuals and well as property damage due to acts of terrorism. It can also be used to prevent my often discussed ram raids or crash and grabs.

The standard “covers personnel security and physical security of sites and vehicles as well as security management planning and processes.” Standard practices are outlined to manage the risks and reduce threats.

Robert Courts was quoted to say “Terror attacks involving commercial vehicles have had tragic and devastating effects in recent years, with every life lost leaving an unimaginable void in the lives of so many.”

The PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is directed towards both drivers and operators of light and heavy goods, as well as public service vehicles. These vehicles are often used to carry explosives and often times used merely as a weapon to injure and kill.

Download at https://shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail?pid=000000000030415864.

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