Metra Entry and Exit Lanes Swing Gate Operators

Metra Entry and Exit Lanes Swing Gate Operators

ECI was recently hired by Metra to update its parking access control system at one of its locations in the greater Chicagoland area.

You can see three swing gates, two from the picture above and the third below. The entrance and exit gates are shown at the top along with a man gate to the right. ECI replaced the three existing gate operators with new HySecurity SwingRiser® Hydraulic gate operators.

Note: HySecurity’s offers both single or twin post (or twin gate) swing gate operators. Each of these gates is, of course, a single swing gate. One of those new single swing gate operators is shown below at the left, in front of the fence. It is a large grey box.

Metra Swing Gate Operators 02

Metra Swing Gate Operators

This was a turnkey operation where ECI was the sole contact for Metra. This minimized Metra’s  investment as well as time.

The replacement of the swing gates and man gates / enclosures were included in our job scope.  This work was subcontracted out to Midwest Fence Corporation.

ECI also replaced the gate locks. In addition, new vehicle detector loops were cut into the pavement which was resealed afterward. You can see the dark grey squares in the foreground of each image.

Exterior push-button controls were added to the operator cabinets for ease of egress. You can make out the tandem installations on the gooseneck pedestal mount to the left in the above picture. Two were deemed necessary to first accommodate (at the top level) truck drivers and the bottom one is used by drivers of passenger vehicles.

As an aside, please make note of the stacked photo-electric beams that can be seen on the top image just to the left of the man gate. All card access devices were provided by others and tied into the system. Yellow security bollards help to protect sensitive equipment from damage due to accidental low-speed collisions.

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