Wallace Perimeter Security PDXT Folding Gate

Wallace Perimeter Security PDXT Folding Gates

Last year ECI was called to a facility in Franklin Park, IL where we furnished and installed a series of five folding Wallace Perimeter Security PDXT Speed Gates. Three gates were installed at the main entry location and the other two at a secondary access/egress point.

Shown above is a close-up of one of the gates. You can also see a vehicle detector loop, a red traffic light to indicate ‘stop, no entry‘ (along with the signs on the gate and pavement). We also supplied new protective (yellow-covered) bollards where needed

The gate installations were done in phases so as to allow access/egress at one location while the other was being worked on. The project itself was challenging in several regards.

We had to demolish and remove the existing gates. New concrete work was also required, and we had to coordinate with a civil engineer because of the underlying pavement structure and components.

The gates themselves came in a black powder coat finish but as frames only. The individual pickets (think of a picket fence), or vertical components, were resourced elsewhere to closely match the existing fence and individually attached to the frame.

ECI understands that ensuring the safety and security of critical infrastructure, facilities and personnel is of paramount importance in this day and age. These high-security folding gates can play a crucial role in controlling access to your sensitive areas.

The gates are designed to withstand attempts at unauthorized entry and provide a robust physical barrier against potential threats while ensuring efficient access control. Applications include critical facilities, such as airports, seaports, chemical and petroleum facilities, water treatment plants and public transportation hubs.

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