I found this video of a ram raid at a Super Liquor Store in New Zealand after being alerted to a recent crash and grab at an appliance store in Te Awamutu, NZ.

I want to initially focus on the video since it visually shows the sequence of events during the ram raid. We see a (stolen) car crashing into the store’s front doors in the store’s security footage. Note the unsecured metal screen behind the windows.

A display counter offers some resistance to the initial ram. The car must be rammed two more times before the visible intruder gains access. The narrator notes that $15,000 worth of damage was done to the store.

The offender knows exactly where to go, “probably from having been in the store earlier”. He merely takes a box full of cigarettes. The car was later burned and abandoned.

Thousands of dollars of damage to the store, lost revenue from being closed for repairs and a torched car – all for a box full of cigarettes!

Appliance Store Ram Raided

The recent crash and grab I initially referred to was reported by Stuff on July 4th – “‘A sign of the times’ – Waikato appliance store loses thousands in ramraid”. A Healthcotes appliance store was victimized in the North Island town in New Zealand.

“The thieves stole multiple items and destroyed the front door.” The losses were estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars in items alone, notwithstanding the damage to the store and lost revenue. Small items were lost including smartphones, digital cameras, expensive headphones and a money drawer.

The store’s manager was said to have noted “The Te Awamutu store was the only Heathcote left that didn’t have (anti-ram security) bollards, but now after this, we’re going to change that.” The door and windows had security grilles. Five years prior the store was rammed through the rear door.

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