This past March we wrote two articles about our solution to a challenge at the Oak Brook Club in Oak Brook, IL. We initially wrote a blog article entitled “Oak Brook Club Alerts Residents of Mail at Barrier Gates”. Later that month we wrote “Resident Mail Alert Solution At Oak Brook Club Barrier Gate”.

As part of a larger project, ECI was called upon to repair a relay system that alerted a guard in the guard booth that mail was available for a resident. Previously the guard would then physically alert the resident as he/she drove in so they would know to pick up the mail at the central location.

However, the existing system could not be repaired. But ECI came up with a solution to automate part of the process and alert the residents that mail was available for pickup.

The video above shows the custom application. A resident vehicle drives through the raised barrier gate at the guard booth. An Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) reader recognized an authorized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) transponder. This action activated an output relay to the barrier gate to open and allow access.

The sign which reads “MAIL” is indicated by the orange arrow in the video. It lights up when the system identifies the transponder as belonging to a resident with mail to be picked up.

A new vehicle loop detector was also added to the location. Once the vehicle clears the barrier gate an output relay is activated. Then the gate operator automatically lower the barrier gate.

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