Stan Laurel Figure On A Bench

I have looked at the whimsical side of both fixed and automated traffic and perimeter security bollards several times in this blog column. I recently tracked down a Pinterest page called “Bollards” with 48 bollards from across the globe pinned on it, and I wanted to share it with you.

Among the images were slender, picturesque bollards, short bollards and tall bollards, cubic bollards, bollards shaped like sheep, brightly painted bollards, bollards wrapped with yarn, ceramic bollards and more.

There were bollards decorated as humans in various attire, a Stan Laurel bollard and even a bollard sticking its tongue out at you while sticking its hands in its ears. I found a leaning tower bollard and bollard planters.

At least two of the pins featured bollards from Le CyKlop. This artist was featured here along with a video this past October
on “Whimsical Cyclops Bollards Are Seen On The Streets of Paris“.

One dual use set of bollards featured bollards combined with brightly colored yellow bike racks while another teamed the bollard up with a comfy chair, again in bright yellow.

Visit “Bollards” to enjoy the pinned images for yourself.

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