TransCore Encompass 4 RFID Reader

TransCore Encompass 4 RFID Reader

I have written prior about three of the main components of a parking access and revenue control system or PARCS. These are Entry Terminals, Exit Terminals and Pay On Foot Terminals.

Another component of a complete system are the readers and devices (credentials) that allow access of authorized users. These may include employees and staff, regular visitors, volunteers and students.

The two main types are either an access card or an Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) tag. Both are generally proximity devices meaning they can be read and validated at a specified distance. No physical insertion is required. Neither does a number have to be entered into a keypad.

Pictured above is TransCore’s Encompass 4 reader used to read the AVI tags.

Proximity Cards and AVI Tag Integrate Seamlessly

Both the cards and the AVI tags integrate seamlessly into the access control system. A tag or proximity card is added to the system and assigned to a user (person) only one time. It may be programmed for certain time zones or dates. In addition, proximity cards may also be used to access other campus facilities.

Users’ credentials are monitored through the software installed on a computer. If the account associated with a card is past due or the validity period is exceeded, the database is noted. Then entrance to the facility is restricted until the account is paid or the validity extended.

Readers Installed At Entry and Exit Lanes

The readers are located at the entry and exit lanes. Once the user’s vehicle pulls into the lane, a vehicle detection loop senses it and turns on the reader. If the proximity card or AVI tag is valid, the gate automatically opens to allow access or egress. Once a second vehicle detection loop is activated, the gate is automatically closed again. Information such as entry date and time and exit date and time as well as lane is recorded on the computer.

The credentials do not have to be returned or reused. If lost or the relationship terminates, credentials can easily be deleted from the system.

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