Loyola Lot Deck A Employee Entrance Parking Access Control

Loyola Lot Deck A Employee Entrance Parking Access Control

I wanted to continue to show you the extent of the work we did in Maywood, Il at the Loyola Medical Center where we installed an extensive Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS).

Parking Deck A is located on campus and has general public entry access as well as a separate staff entry. Pictured above is a double lane staff vehicle parking entryway.

Once again, the barrier gates we installed were supplied by WPS. Access control readers and intercom stations are shown at each barrier gate. Both are mounted on a black gooseneck pedestal between. The pedestal on the right lane is protected by a yellow bollard mounted on the island.

When a vehicle drives into either access lane the system is alerted by a vehicle detector loop. If authorized access credentials are presented, the gate opens. If there is a problem, the driver can use the intercom to communicate with security guards. Once the car passes through the gate and over a second vehicle detector loop, the barrier gate closes.

Loyola Lot Deck A Employee Exit Parking Access Control

Loyola Lot Deck A Employee Exit Parking Access Control

The dual free access exit lanes are shown to the left. Both lanes have yellow bollards protecting the barrier gate controls and each has an intercom unit on a back gooseneck pedestal, again to communicate with security in case of difficulty.

There is a vehicle detector loop ahead of each barrier bar in either lane. The gate opens automatically when the detector senses a car or truck. Another detector loop sensor senses the car as it exits and signals the barrier to close.

Each ‘event’ is noted in the history log and reports can be generated or inquiries can be made later through the software.

The barrier bars are part of the WPS Parking Solutions’ system which also includes entry and exit terminals, pay on foot terminals and software. Value pass readers, access control equipment and the Commend intercom system complete the system.

You can learn more on our PARCS systems page. We also invite you to call ECI at 847.949.0134 to discuss any current or future needs as well as for service or maintenance on your existing equipment.

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