WPS Parking Lot Entry Terminal

WPS Parking Lot Entry Terminal

An entry terminal is an integral part of an automated parking access and revenue control system. The terminal (as shown to the left) is typically located on an island at the entry, or multiple entries, to a restricted or secured parking facility such as a parking lot or campus.

An automated entry barrier gate is also installed to prevent the car from accessing the parking area until a ticket is dispensed. It is common for a barrier gate to deny access in these applications.

ECI also installs bollards to protect the valuable equipment from accidental damage from vehicles. The bollards are almost always fixed in place and made of galvanized steel and filled with concrete.

Normally a parking patron drives into the entry lane and stops before the barrier. This positions the car next to the entry terminal. A vehicle detection loop installed in the pavement detects the car as it arrives in position.

When the car stops inside the loop an electrical activation current is generated. This triggers an output which in essence sends a message to the terminal saying: hey wake up! there is a car present. The patron then pushes the ticket request button which produces a date and time stamped parking ticket. The ticket is thermally printed and includes the entry lane ID.

The parking ticket’s barcode is also encoded with identical information so it can read at a payment station prior to exit. The barrier gate opens once the patron removes the ticket. The vehicle can then proceed to the parking area or campus. Once the vehicle clears the safety vehicle detector loop the barrier gate closes.

Parking patrons may also include employees, visitors, volunteers and students. Some long term parking customers might also be included. The system may therefore incorporate access control readers, RFID vehicle or license plate tags to identify those categories that will not need to take a printed parking ticket.

An intercom is included in the entry terminal to enable the patron to talk to the main parking office or attendant.

WPS Parking Systems provides ECI with this parking entry terminal and other equipment used in parking access and and revenue control systems. WPS is known for its reliable parking management solutions.

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