WPS Parking Lot Exit Terminal

WPS Parking Lot Exit Terminal

Exit terminals (as shown to the left) are an integral part to a PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control System). They are almost always combined with automatic barrier gates and vehicle detection loops (or other sensors) and found near the exit lane(s) from the parking lot, garage or campus.

The exit terminals are generally installed on a parking lot exit island or other protected base. ECI also includes concrete bollards as standard to protect the terminal as well as the barrier gates from damage from vehicles.

A parking lot patron pulls into the exit lane and stops next to the exit verifier terminal with the barrier gate blocking its exit. A detector loop embedded in the pavement senses the presence of a vehicle. This trips a relay to the exit terminal which causes the exit terminal’s display screen to light up.

The customer is instructed to insert their parking ticket into the slot. Then the system reads the ticket to verify the fee has been satisfied or the ticket has been validated by another means. If the fee has not been paid (i.e at a Pay on Foot machine) or the customer has exceeded the grace period, the system will calculate the amount due from the customer and display that fee on the screen.

The customer can then insert a credit card to pay the amount due. The system authorizes the credit card payment. A receipt is printed and issued to the customer once the fee is paid. The system relays the barrier gate to open to allow the vehicle to exit the facility.

If on the other hand, the customer has paid the parking fee at the Pay on Foot machine or not gone over the grace period, the system merely swallows the ticket and opens the gate and allows the vehicle to exit.

Addition Features of The Parking Exit Terminal

The exit terminal can also accept validations and special passes. These are inserted before the parking ticket is inserted. The exit terminal includes an intercom (and even a camera) to talk to employees in the main parking office.

Another embedded detector loop or vehicle detector (i.e. photo-electric beam, infrared motion sensor, etc.) detects that the vehicle has left the immediate area and relays to the barrier gate to close.

Visitors, company employees, students and volunteers may also use the parking on a long term basis. The system may therefore also integrate access control readers, RFID license plate or vehicle tags to identify those users to allow them to exit.

ECI uses WPS Parking Systems to supply this and other equipment used in parking access and revenue control systems. WPS is known for its reliable parking management solutions

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