I have written prior about two of the components of a parking access and revenue control system (PARCS). These were the Entry Terminals as well as the Exit Terminals.

WPS Parking Lot Pay On Foot Terminal

WPS Parking Lot Pay On Foot Terminal

Another component of a complete parking and access control system is the parking lot’s Pay on Foot machine. These terminals can accept both cash and credit cards. (Image of a Pay on Foot terminal on the left courtesy of WPS.)

You’ve entered into the parking facility through the entry lane and pull up to the entry terminal. You are not a frequent user, employee, etc. and do not have access control credentials. So you request and are issued a ticket to enter and the barrier gate opens for you to proceed and park.

Pay on Foot to Exit

When you are ready to leave the facility you must either validate the ticket or pay the parking fee. Without validation, you walk up to a Pay on Foot terminal and insert your ticket into the pay on foot slot. The ticket’s bar code is read and the entry time and exit time and dates are determined.

The fee can be based on the prevailing rate and duration of stay or it may be solely on a flat fee basis. The choice depends on the preference. The fee due is calculated will be displayed to you.

You may have received a system validation pass coupon from a merchant or tenant. You would insert that validation pass coupon into the ticket slot on the Pay on Foot machine prior to inserting the parking ticket.

The Pay of Foot terminal reads the validation pass information. If not used or expired, and thus determined to be valid, the value of the validation pass is calculated against the initial parking fee. The new resulting fee due, if any, is displayed.

In either case, you pay the fee due in cash or credit card at the pay on foot machine. A satisfied ticket is issued back to you. You enter your car and drive to the automated exit lane.

You drive up to the exit terminal and insert the ticket in the exit terminal’s ticket slot. The device verifies the fee for that ticket is satisfied. It relays the barrier gate to open so you may exit the facility. It may even thank you!

A central data registration computer system (another component part of the total system) allows the owner or administrator to adjust the grace periods to exit after payment at Pay on Foot.

WPS Parking Systems supplies this and other equipment used in parking access and revenue control systems for ECI. WPS is known for its reliable parking management solutions

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