Parking Lot Access Control Layout 01 Rana

Parking Lot Access Control Layout 01

Today I want to share some of the detail work ECI does in laying out the specific locations for a planned installation. This installation was part of a parking access control system for Rana Meal Solutions. The company recently built a new manufacturing facility on Hecht Drive in Bartlett, IL.

ECI was selected to work with Rana in the design, layout, supply and installation (of most) of the parking lot vehicle access control equipment used in the system. The system is controlled egress as well as access, which is a little unusual and I have not discussed it here as of yet. In this instance access credentials must be presented to both enter and exit the parking lot. Both incidents are recorded.

Barrier gates and access control equipment were required for one entrance lane and five exit lanes, along with bollards, vehicle detector loops, pedestals, concrete islands, piping and wiring, excavation, etc.

But I digress and I’ll show you the final installations in a later article. For now, I want to show you some actual photos of the layout for future equipment installation. It’s our real-life blueprint.

Parking Lot Access Control Layout 02 Rana

Parking Lot Access Control Layout 02

The image above shows the new building under construction pictured on the right as viewed from the entry off Hecht Drive. You can see the white outline in the center of the asphalt pavement just above the concrete in the foreground. This is where the concrete island and vehicle access control equipment will later be installed for two entry lanes.

The image to the left shows two exit lanes looking out towards Hecht and one of the new neighbors across the street. The excavated portion is where the conduit feeds for electrical and system requirements that will come up through the ground. The markings in ‘hot pink’ colored icons show the future locations for the forthcoming automatic barrier gate operators, access control locations and protective security bollards.

These layouts and markings were provided for two parties. First company owners could thus visualize where the equipment would later be installed. Secondly, it provided the exact locations for the concrete company to form and set the concrete islands.

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