Rockford Mass Transit Pay On Foot Kiosk

Pictured to the left is the Pay on Foot terminal (or kiosk) we installed for the Rockford Mass Transit District. We first discussed this installation at: “Parking Access and Revenue Control | Rockford Bus Terminal” earlier this month.

This is an example of an optional payment location in a Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS). Here drivers may make payments for their parking fees before returning to their vehicles and exiting the parking lot.

The unit has a large display screen at the top left and detailed, color-coded, written instructions on the left. The first step (in blue) is to insert the parking ticket into the kiosk.

The amount due is then calculated. If the ticket has been validated (full or partial credit) the second step (in yellow) is to scan the validation.

Payment options (in green) for any remaining balance include credit cards at the top right or cash or coin. Any change in a cash transaction is returned via the black drawer.

A payment receipt is printed and issued at the (orange) outlet. The customer collects the receipt and can then use the validated ticket at the exit terminal to exit the parking lot.

The pay on foot terminal has bi-lingual capabilities such as English and Spanish. The kiosk, as well as the entry and exit terminals, are manufactured by Hamilton Manufacturing.

Access Control credentials such as RFID, AVI and barcode can be integrated into the systems to ensure those personnel with proper credentials can access the parking area.

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