Custom Architectural Bollard - courtesy FEMA

Custom Architectural Bollard – courtesy FEMA

This past January I wrote a blog article “NYC Investing Millions To Install Anti Terrorist Bollards”. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced at that time the city would spend $50 million to install security bollards in popular spots within its five boroughs.

According to de Blasio, this will be an attempt to keep New York citizens, as well as tourists, safe and secure in public spaces and on its streets. If you recall, there were incidents in NYC involving vehicle attacks in Times Square in May, 2017 and another on the West Side on Halloween.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported earlier this month “Anti-terror bollards proposed for Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island Boardwalk and other high-traffic sites”. These and several other popular Brooklyn sites have been named for possible installation of the NYC counter terrorist perimeter security bollards. The locations include several parks, boardwalks as well as other tourist sites which attract millions of New Yorkers and visitors annually.

Security bollards are encouraged to be installed at entry points, along parkways and greenways. These should allow easier pedestrian and biker access than the concrete barriers hastily installed in response to the attacks.

The article went on to note that the use of vehicles in terror attacks has been increasing and are likely to continue. Twenty three terrorists used cars or trucks in attacks from 2014 through 2017. Then were also recent attacks in 2018. Training and detailed information is readily available to terrorists online.

Counter-terrorism, anti-ram perimeter security bollards help prevent unauthorized car and trucks wither with or without explosives from entering designated areas. They help protect people, building perimeters, facilities and property from attack.

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