Crash Rated Bollard Excavation - Chicago Day School

Crash Rated Bollard Excavation – Chicago Day School

I published an article here earlier this month entitled: “Win For Car Versus Bollard Which Was Not Up To The Challenge”.

In that blog I questioned the author’s contention that a concrete bollard was incorrectly installed when a car plowed right through it and crashed into a bank in Fox River Grove. Was the bollard meant to thwart an errant vehicle or merely holding up a handicap parking sign?

About mid-way through my article, I referenced an online page named “Creating A Bollard” on the Concrete Construction’s web site. I delved a little further into these instructions for you in case you are wondering if this is a project you might consider doing yourself.

Its author was replying to a question from a contractor about installing a concrete security bollard to protect against a car rolling into a furnace at the end of a residential garage. I am sure after reading the complexities, you will understand why you need a company with the proper equipment and expertise to do the job right.

The factors to consider are considerable. They include the size of the vehicle (weight) and the speed that it is traveling on impact, as well as “the amount that a vehicle ‘crushes’ to absorb the impact, and the flexibility of the barrier itself.”

If you read further, the page also refers to an article in Structure magazine meant for engineers to do the formula calculations involved. Unfortunately, the link to that article has been changed, with a subsequent site conversion to WordPress. (Note: This site went through a similar conversion a few years ago.)

If interested, I did track down the correct link to “A Rational Method to Design Vehicular Barriers” for your convenience. How did I find it? I merely Googled the name of the article. It was at a different URL address.

At ECI we rely on the experts at leading manufacturers to supply us with the information required to install perimeter security bollards correctly so the goal of properly securing your premises, and people, is accomplished.

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