Late last month the PhillyVoice reported that several hundred fixed security bollards were installed around Citizens Bank Park during the past off season. The installation was completed in time for opening day of the 2019 baseball season.

The bollards are meant to protect against someone driving a car or truck through crowds of people attending games at the park, whether intentional or accidental. Although no threat was imminent, the security measures were taken to increase the safety of some 40,000 fans on any given night.

The types of bollards installed at the park are fixed (vs. operable or removable) bollards. They are made with concrete and are reinforced with rebar. (Other bollards have steel casings that cover them.)

The security bollards typically extend several feet into the ground which provides the strength to stop or divert a vehicle from penetrating. They are usually spaced wide enough apart to allow foot traffic, bicycles and even baby carriages to access the inner park walkways.

The Philadelphia Phillies are a professional baseball team competing in the East division of the National League’s East division. The Phillies have made South Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park their home since 2004. The franchise started in 1883.

According to its web site, PhillyVoice is a “…digital-only source for news and information that entertains and drives thoughtful discussion…” The article from PhillyVoice can be viewed at “Citizens Bank Park’s new bollards ready in time for Phillies Opening Day”.

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