Custom Architectural Bollard - courtesy FEMA

Custom Architectural Bollard – courtesy FEMA

The Connaught Telegraph published a blog article earlier this year entitled “Fighting Terrorism With Security Bollards”. The article heralds the use of perimeter security barriers in a fashion similar to the way we at ECI have been doing since starting our own blog.

The article began by summarizing the challenges and difficult degree of work required by security professionals in their fight against terrorism. Threat elimination or deterrence is the ultimate goal, of course.

As security professionals, we all would like to completely avoid an attack. Realistically, that is not possible. So we hope to minimize civilian casualties and damage to property in case an attack occurs.

However, the threat of terrorist attacks worldwide is not disappearing soon. Tens of thousands of attacks occurred last year resulting in over 18,000 civilian deaths. This was a modest decrease over 2016.

Professionals must pay close attention to the real threat of terror attack while using vehicles, whether autos, trucks and even buses. Perimeter security bollards are an effective means to combat such threats.

Perimeter Security Bollards Limit Vehicle Traffic

Security bollards are a means of limiting vehicular traffic while still allowing pedestrians to move relatively freely. They are barriers which can be permanently fixed in place, retractable to allow vehicles to pass or even temporary.

The article points out unique benefits to using perimeter security bollards:

  • They can contain vehicles being used in a terror attack and keep them outside of a sensitive area.
  • Bollards can both deter attacks as well as prevent a breach to a defined area.
  • These barriers can be aesthetically pleasing to the surroundings as compared to other deterrents.
  • They are cost effective when compared to other alternatives.

ECI recommends you consider the following aspects to accomplish an effective design and installation of your perimeter security bollards:

  • The vehicular access and egress patterns in the area surrounding the area to be protected. What is the proximity of traffic patterns? The maximum speed a vehicle can attain? How much traffic is typical? What bearing does driver behavior make?
  • Should bollards be fixed or retractable? Permanent or moveable? Are aesthetics a consideration?
  • What size vehicle should be considered a threat to properly gauge K-rating?
  • What is the terrain and sub-terrain characteristics near the proposed installation location? Is power available?
  • What budgetary constraints are in place? Should a turn key installation be considered to both minimize time and investment?

The Connaught Telegraph publication is part of the Celtic Media Group which is located in Castlebar, a county town in County Mayo, Ireland. The article is found at

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