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ECI specializes in perimeter vehicle control which is an important aspect of overall the outdoor perimeter security. Although dated an article “The 5 D’s of Outdoor Perimeter Security” that appeared in Security Magazine in 2012 is still relevant to many areas of ECI expertise.

Exterior vehicle perimeter control contributes to the success of the overall security strategy. It addresses protective security measures preventatively, or before they happen rather than after an incident.

We agree with the article when it points out that outdoor perimeter security can actually lower the overall cost of building security when properly designed. To see the relevance, one must start at the outside perimeter and focus on layers of protection leading to the facility itself.

Five D’s of Outdoor Perimeter Security

So let us look at the principles underlying the five D’s in the design of outdoor perimeter security the article stresses:

The deterrence perimeter is furthest away from the facility. With it we try to deter the intruder from ever even attempting to gain access through the use of natural barriers, fencing, lighting and even signage.

Detection of attempted access by unauthorized individuals is the second “D”. Surveillance cameras, seismic or vibration detectors and photo beams or microwave can be used in these efforts.

Denial of access is where ECI focuses much of its expertise in security and counter terrorist applications. Gated vehicle entrances may or may not include security personnel in high security guard booths. They may certainly include access control systems and authorized vehicle identification (AVI). These allow authorized personnel to access the facility while denying access to those unauthorized to do so.

Delaying vehicle entry is accomplished through the design and installation of wedge barriers and bollards for vehicles and turnstiles for personnel. These are meant to thwart access completely or provide time necessary for security personnel to respond.

Defense typically refers to response by security personnel, whether local, law enforcement or military.

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