Last month we posted a video in our blog article entitled “Video Of Vehicle Used In Crash and Grab at a Local Gun Store”. Above is another crash and grab video posted by WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) in Detroit, MI this past August 23. The video is titled “Video shows smash-and-grab at pawn shop”. Only this one was not as successful.

An exterior camera captures a light colored elongated GMAC pickup truck as it drives down the street at about 5:20 AM. The truck slows down and pulls to the right. It then backs up and smashes into the storefront of Motor City Pawn Brokers on Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, MI.

Debris is sprune all over and it almost seems as if a snow storm suddenly started with the particles flying through the air. Three men leap out of three of the doors. In less than 25 second they are back in the truck and the truck speeds away. An interior camera captures the truck breaching the windows (upper top left of video).

WXYZ-TV’s online story “Pawn shop employee allegedly fires shots during attempted smash-and-grab” shared more details. The truck smashed through glass and metal screen and one of the perpetrators entered the store. Little did he know there was an armed security guard inside. The guard fired two shots at the suspect who then fled along with his companions.

Police did not know whether this is the same crew using stolen vehicles to conduct similar crash and grabs through the greater metropolitan areas.

WXYZ-TV is an ABC affiliate in the Detroit market. The city of Roseville is located just west of Lake St. Clair in Macomb County, north and east of Detroit. Roseville is considered to be a part of the greater Metro Detroit area

These crash and grabs or “ram raids” are difficult to predict. Damage as well as loss from theft can be extensive in a short period of time, often before police can even arrive at the scene. However, these incidents can be prevented with crash rated bollards as well as other types of anti-ram vehicle barriers. Bollards protect property and buildings against the use of vehicles to penetrate building perimeters.

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