Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

I came across an article from Australia’s Architecture & Design that addresses safety bollards. It makes some good points, some of which I’d like to highlight here. I would also like to point out what types of installations ECI does that differ from these.

The article discussed the fact that the general use of safety bollards is to prohibit entry into a designated space. (I don’t know whether I had ever thought of bollards in quite that way prior.) Some bollards may even be decorative and can often be seen around landmarks and lawns.

The article focuses on specific applications and even lays out dimensions for the proper spacing (note – they were in metrics) of installation. Those applications include sidewalk safety, security around school grounds, storefront (and commercial building) protection and even landscaping projects.

It takes pedestrian movement into consideration, use of wheelchairs and other motorized chairs. They must, of course, be spaced so as to prohibit access by vehicles.

ECI is often called upon for the first three of these applications, to one degree or another. The types of bollards ECI installs are used to protect people and property and are not of the decorative only type.

These bollards are designed to resist impact ranging from low (i.e. accidental storefront) to high speed crashes as well for protection against terrorists or other assaults that use larger and heavier vehicles. The latter demands the use of K-rated (crash rated) bollards which meet government specifications.

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