Custom Architectural Bollard - courtesy FEMA

Custom Architectural Bollard – courtesy FEMA

I am deeply disturbed by last week’s article as reported by Jillian Jorgensen of the New York Daily News. Last Friday she wrote “Religious institutions looking to get anti-terror security bollards are hitting red tape roadblocks”.

Churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and even religious schools in the area are eligible for grants to install security bollards. Even though they have won these grants for these perimeter security measures, over 100 religious institutions find themselves unable to overcome the vast sea of New York City’s red tape.

Unauthorized vehicles are used by terrorists to breach buildings and wreak damage on property and injure or kill civilians. One of the main goals of these terrorists is to destroy our sense of security in ”safe places”.

Bollards help protect people, buildings and property against unauthorized vehicles attempting to penetrate designated areas. Types of bollards include ones that operate and ones that are fixed in place. Some fixed bollards are removable. Bollards do allow access by foot as well as by bicycle.

We have written many times about the gruesome use of vehicles in terrorist (and other) attacks both here in the U.S. as well as abroad. So we too raise our voices and ask: “What’s the delay NYC?” Although terrorist attacks have leveled off somewhat, hate crimes are rising.

So New York city – please find a way to cut the red tape and speed up the process of installing these perimeter security bollards. I certainly would not want a child of mine injured in an attack that could have easily been prevented. Would you?

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