If you’ve been following along on my narrative on anti-terrorist security measures for King’s Parade in Cambridge, England here’s my latest update. Cambridge Independent reported on Wednesday “Disabled people and cyclists oppose King’s Parade barrier in Cambridge“. The article included a summary of highlights from a recent public survey.

As we previously reported, the barrier was installed in January 2020 and its effectiveness is being evaluated through July. A public survey was held in December on the counter-terrorism barrier. Concerns were raised by both bicyclists and those disabled.

The article reported: “…most residents are not impressed with the barrier, and that it has had particularly negative effects for the disabled and cyclists.” Eleven people added that they feel unsafe “… with their wheelchair or walking aids since the change was made.”

Sixty-nine percent of the nearly 500 people who responded disagreed that there was an improvement in “the sense of place.” Eighty-seven percent reported that “the barrier had impacted their experience of King’s Parade…”

After watching parts of the above video showing traffic congestion at the counter terrorism barrier, I concur that there is a significant concern!

The articles below also include several videos (#1, #2 & #4), or you can go to YouTube and search for ‘Kings Parade.’

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