Radio-frequency identification RFID is used by many ECI clients. It is used in enhanced vehicle parking and revenue control system (PARCS) applications as well as for identifying and tracking individuals entering (or exiting) a secured location.

I have written about RFID applications on this blog many times before. I even shared a video last year showing the difference in timing between vehicles accessing a parking facility that use RFID as versus those entering a lane equipped with ticket spitters. That video is seen at “TransCore RFID Tags Used To Gain Access to Parking Garage”.

I found the above explanatory video from a Birmingham, AL store posted on YouTube. It explains some of the basic advantages of this technology I wish to share with you.

The speaker explains that RFID “…allows almost any object to be wirelessly identified using data transmitted via radio waves.” Some of the advantages of RFID include –

  • Devices can hold more data than other access control credentials.
  • Tags can be locked or encrypted for security purposes.
  • Line of sight is not required to read RFID devices.
  • Read range can vary up to about 500 feet for RFID devices.

A basic system includes transponder cards or tags with identification and access information contained. On the receiver end is a reader that scans that information as captured by an antenna which sends out signals to read the information returned by nearby tags.

The reader is attached to computer software which immediately determines whether a tag is authorized for access at the time it is presented. If authorized, it then relays the control device (i.e. lock or operator) to unlock or open a gate and allow a person or vehicle to proceed. It also records the information as an event that can be viewed later or compiled in a report.

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