I came across this image which shows the extensive damage from a ram raid which took place last year in Hampshire County in the central southern edge of England. The picture is courtesy of the Southern Daily Echo, which is located in Southampton; it covers news in the county.

The image was embedded in a story ran last week. The article told about a 21 year old convicted of participating in three ram raids all within about one-half hour last June. Three separate communities were hit just east of Southampton. On a map, the relative location of these communities resembles a dog’s leg which explains the time period. They start from Hedge End to the north and east, Sholing at the joint in the center and Netley at the southern foot.

Four men used a stolen Nissan Qashqai crossover in the ram raid assaults on two Co-Op stores and a hair salon. About $10,000 in cigarettes were stolen from one Co-Op and the thieves got away with an iPhone from the salon. Nothing was taken from the other Co-Op store. The torched Nissan was later found.

The Southern Daily Echo is located in Redbridge, Southampton. It was founded in 1888. Netley is an Abbey on the southern coast. Sholing is a suburb of Southampton and Hedge End is a town and parish located east of Southampton. Co-Op is a chain of consumer based food retail stores.

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