Late this past April, 9 News in Perth reported on a crime spree of ram raids in Australia. It seems like down under is not immune to these types of violent crash and grab crimes either.

As you can see in the above film clip, two incidents were caught on video in the city’s southern suburbs.

The first incident shows a stolen light colored four door Toyota HiLux ramming into a deli and lunch bar’s storefront in Brentwood early in the morning. The truck turns around and again smashes through the front of the store in reverse.

A security device installed by the owner sprayed out fog and smoke when it was activated in the assault. That action prevented the thieves from stealing anything from the store. However, as you can see, the property damage was extensive.

Just 20 minutes later the same truck is shown smashing into a shopping center entrance in Riverton. The perpetrators targeted a jewelry store in their rampage and they made a haul of mobile phones.

Later, security bollards prevented their escape path through a second entrance. They did manage to escape by smashing through yet a third entrance way.

A third (not shown on the video), unrelated incident was reported on line by 7News in an article titled: “Ram raid attack: Owner distraught after Brentwood deli left in tatters“. This attack occurred less than two hours later when a car was used to smash through the front doors at the Gateway shopping center in Alkimos. Here the ingenious thieves actually built a ram to drive up some stairs leading into the shopping center.

Perth is the largest city and capital of Western Australia (a state in Australia). It is located on the far western coastal edge of Australia near the southern coast. The city’s population is over 2 million.

ECI continues to monitor and broadcast these attacks to alert business owners and property managers of the dangers in failing to provide adequate security measures against crash and grab attacks using cars, trucks and other vehicles.

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