As you know by now I like sharing interesting videos with you. I came across the one above which shows in great detail how these two males tried to hijack this ATM in a shopping center. Their attempted crash and grab did not fare too well.

We don’t see the actual penetration into the store on the very clear closed circuit television recording. But we do see the SUV repeatedly backing into the ATM in this crash and grab attempt until the car partially knocks the ATM off its base. The rear of the SUV is extensively damaged from the force of the collisions.

The perpetrators then wrap a chain around the ATM and the car pulls away trying to drag the ATM with it. Whooops… the ATM doesn’t budge; it forces the car to come to a stop.

The men try a couple of more times to dislodge the ATM from its base by repeatedly ramming it with the car. But they only budge it while the SUV is further damaged and the bumper comes loose from the car.

(Note: Haven’t these guys watched the other unsuccessful ram raid videos on YouTube?)

Mirage News reported the details of the incident in “Cranbourne East shopping centre ram raid“.

The incident took place in the early morning hours and the men gave up and drove away leaving significant (estimated to be tens of thousands) damage. They dumped the stolen Nissan nearby.

The shopping center is located in southeast Melbourne within the service area of Victoria’s Casey Police. Victoria is a territory (or state) at the southern end of Australia’s eastern side.

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