This short video shows a white pickup truck backing up and smashing through the front of a convenience store in a crash and grab attack. Debris is scattered throughout. The store is not named neither is the location. We do know that the source is Charlotte Alerts, which reports news in the Charlotte, NC area.

After ramming through the storefront, the truck pulls out of the store and a man, clad in a hoodie and balaclava, exits the passenger side of the truck. He starts sorting through the debris. The driver, similarly clad, exits the car to assist the first perpetrator. The driver slips on the debris.

Both men, now working together, uncover a large black object which is apparently not their target. They scurry to another part of the store, uncover another black object and start dragging that out of the store. One of them again slips on the debris.

An interesting aspect of the video is the zoom capability of the closed circuit television cameras monitoring the altercation as it is recorded.

ECI continues to monitor this and other events where vehicles of all types, including stolen construction telehandlers, trucks and other terrain vehicles are used to smash through storefronts and even extend over bollards to steal ATMs.

The potential vulnerability exists. Anti-ram wedge barriers and crash rated bollards such as those used in counter terrorism and high security perimeter protection may be your first line of defense.

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