Removable Crash Rated Bollard - Chicago Day School

Removable Crash Rated Bollard – Chicago Day School

Earlier this month ECI completed the installation of two custom furnished removable crash rated bollards shown above. The location was for a soccer field at the Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School on north Broadway in Chicago’s Lake View area.

The goal here was to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the playing field primarily when children were present and even when vacant. The remainder of that side of the playing field will be protected by concrete benches. The bollards can be removed for maintenance or service vehicles to enter.

Crash Rated Bollard Excavation - Chicago Day School

Crash Rated Bollard Excavation – Chicago Day School

The lowered bollards are shown to the left during the final leveling installation segment. The top brick pavers were first carefully removed from the pavement and the hole was excavated to the specified depth.

Rebar was installed to reinforce the bollards so when concrete was added the bollards can withstand an impact from a low-speed vehicle weighing up to 5,000 lbs and traveling up to 30 mph. This is in compliance with ASTM F3016/F3016M guidelines of ASTM International, a leading standards development organizations.

After the reinforcing concrete was poured, the hole was backfilled with sand and stone was added. The area was leveled and the top brick pavers were re-installed.

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