Slide Gate Operator - UAL at O'Hare

Slide Gate Operator – UAL at O’Hare

ECI acted as a subcontractor when we installed this replacement automatic slide gate operator for access to a runway for United Airlines (UAL) at Chicago’s O’Hare Field. The rectangular black box shown above and through the fence to the right is a Nice/HySecurity SlideSmart™ HD25 sliding barrier gate operator.

This operator is ideal for easily moving heavy, large gates. The half horsepower motor moves gates up to 50 feet long and weighing to 2,500 pounds. Two other models are available in this line of sliding gate operators.

The SlideSmart™ HD15F is the fastest and can move gates weighing up to 1,500 pounds. A third model is the SlideSmart™ HD30 that can motorize gates weighing up to 3,000 pounds. Both can accommodate gates up to 50 feet long.

The wide white rectangles shown in both the foreground and background show where vehicle detector loops are installed in the pavement. The one in the background signals the gate to open when a vehicle is exiting the area. The one in the foreground signals the automatic barrier gate to close once the vehicle exits the parking lot and clears the gate.

Stacked Photo Electric Beams - UAL

Stacked Photo Electric Beams – UAL

Double stacking photo electric beams and edge sensors act as safety devices. The black beams are shown on the post at the left. When both beams are closed it means that no vehicle obstructs the path and it is safe to close the gate. While closing if the edge sensor detects an obstruction (a vehicle, person or object) the gate stops and automatically reverses. This is known as entrapment protection.

Two 8-amp hour batteries act as back up battery power. They are rated to last up to 100 gate cycles. An extended backup power option is also available with two 50-amp hour batteries rated to last up to 600 cycles.

Two relays are standard and there is an option for eight additional relays. Each sliding gate operator is rated to last for 500,000 cycles and they come with a five-year warranty. Installation accessories include chain and mounting brackets

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