Barrier Gates Carillion Entry Lanes

Barrier Gates Carillon Entry Lanes

About 14 years ago ECI installed four automatic barrier gates for Carillon Lakes, in Crest Hill, IL. Earlier this year we were called in to replace those barrier gates.

The development was built in the early 2000’s and is an active adult 55+ community in a southwest suburb of Chicago. It is located just north of Joliet.

The wide entrance lane is shown above and access is controlled by the dual automated barrier gates. Residents’ cars and authorized users’ vehicles are equipped with radio frequency vehicle tags.

These tags are recognized by the RFID (radio frequency identification reader) mounted on the pole as seen above the ECI van on the left. The reader then relays the gates to open and allow access for an authorized vehicle.

A vehicle detector loop just past the gate senses when a car has cleared the gate and then relays for the gates to close. Visitors use the intercom on the white post on the far left to call and be buzzed in.

The image below shows the wide exit lane leading out to the main street. A vehicle detector loop senses a vehicle and relays the gates to open. Once the vehicle clears the gates a relay is sent to close the barriers.

Barrier Gates Carillion Exit Lanes

Barrier Gates Carillon Exit Lanes

The Magnetic automatic barrier gates can span lanes up to 12 feet wide and open and close rapidly for high traffic locations. They can also detect vehicles attempting to tailgate. These gates are designed to operate for up to 10 million opening and closing cycles.

Breakaway flanges will completely detach the arm in case there is a collision. This will not cause damage to the operator’s mechanism. Nighttime lighting options are available as are heaters and backup batteries. The operator housing is shown here in white but they are also available in many other colors.

Let ECI provide all of your parking access and revenue control needs. We can also integrate the equipment with access control systems. We furnish turnkey installations to save both time and investment and service and maintain existing equipment.

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