Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates - Oakbrook Club

Magnetic Automatic Barrier Gates – Oakbrook Club

Last year ECI returned to the Oakbrook Club, a residential gated community in Oakbrook, IL. We replaced two obsolete barrier gates with new Magnetic Automation Barrier Gates (pictured above). The left lane is access for visitors who are greeted by a guard. The right lane is for residents and other authorized access credential holders.

These automatic barrier gates can span lanes up to 12-feet-wide. They are dependable and offer several customizable features. Optional illumination for low-light conditions ensures the barrier arms are clearly visible to ensure safety and convenience.

Heaters can be added for harsh weather conditions. Backup batteries are also available to provide uninterrupted operation. The operator housings (shown here in a white finish) come in a variety of colors.

I had written about this location several times in 2018. In those articles I wrote about the new mail alert system we designed and installed for the community when the old relay system failed and could not be repaired. I’d like to briefly mention this new solution once again. 

The white box at the top of the pole on the far-right center is an AVI (automatic vehicle identification) reader by Transcore. The barrier gate opens to allow access when a valid RFID (radio frequency identification) transponder (also by Transcore) is detected by the reader,

The rectangular black box below the transponder illuminates with the word ‘Mail’ if that transponder is registered to a resident who has received mail. (See image below from 2018.) The guard previously had to flag down residents to alert them.

Oak Brook Club Resident Mail Alert

Oak Brook Club Resident Mail Alert

You can read the previous articles at “Oak Brook Club Alerts Residents of Mail at Barrier Gates,” “Resident Mail Alert Solution At Oak Brook Club Barrier Gate” and watch the video at “Oak Brook Club Barrier Gate Video of Resident Mail Alert.”

The Mail sign was furnished by Signaltech and the access control system is from Rosslare Security.

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