As you must know by now, ECI provides security equipment for many residential gated communities in the greater Chicago area. I have written several times about the equipment which includes barrier gates, guard booths and shelters, access control, automatic vehicle and radio frequency identification readers, vehicle detector loops, telephone and video intercoms, signage, lights and even detectors which automatically open barrier gates for approaching emergency vehicles.

About a year ago I wrote an article entitled “Security Is A Primary Goal In Residential Gated Communities“. In the article, I listed some of the positive attributes residential gated communities offer including security through the controlled entry, less noise and traffic, rules and exclusive amenities. I also wrote about some negative aspects including higher operating and maintenance costs, inconvenience to guests upon arrival as well as locations away from services and conveniences.

I came across a 2019 article “The Pros and Cons of Living in a Gated Community” from Perfect House Realty in Charlotte, NC. The article gathered information from half a dozen web sites and added some additional perspectives. I wish to thank the author, Qulia Bryant, for the information I am about to share with you.

On the pro side:

  • Controlled access increases your safety and your privacy. This often is a result of fewer strangers allowed into the area and less traffic and congestion.
  • Better upkeep and professional management may offer future increased property values when you eventually sell your home.

On the con side:

  • You may appear snobbish to your friends and relatives by now living in an exclusive community.
  • Being monitored or subject to rules and regulations may make you feel uncomfortable as if you are living in a ‘big brother’ environment.
  • It may also be frustrating for you to seek permission from a guard or attendant to enter your own community.

Add these items to your checklist when deciding whether a residential gated community is the best choice for you and your family.

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