Rosslare Long Range RFID Reader

Rosslare Long Range RFID Reader

Last week I wrote about new slide gate operators we recently installed for a City of Zion facility that houses emergency vehicles, snow plows, etc. I wanted to show you some of the additional equipment included in that installation.

I will start with the Rosslare UHF-Smart™ long-range proximity reader. It is the large grey rectangular box shown at the top of the poll in the center of the image on the left.

Authorized vehicles are equipped with windshield tags enrolled in the access control system. A driver approaches the locked gate with a vehicle and a tag on its windshield.

The reader detects the tag and reads its information, sending the data to the access control system. The computerized system verifies the tag’s authenticity and determines whether the vehicle has permission to enter at that time.

If authorized, the system sends a signal to the sliding gate operator to open and allow the vehicle to pass through. Once the vehicle clears the gate a second signal is sent to the operator to close the gate.

If the tag is not authorized, the system will deny access, and the closed gate will remain locked. The gate also remains locked if the reader does not sense a tag within the normal read range. 

These long-range proximity readers are designed to provide exceptional performance in reading distance and speed. They offer a UHF read range of up to 19 feet and come with a selectable read range. The readers are water resistance and have vandal-proof properties.

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