Nice/HySecurity advises all owners they are responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of barrier gates and their gate operators. Safety information is included with their products and it also the owner’s responsibility to adhere to all local and federal standards and procedures.

Here are but a few items they point out in their literature:

  • Automatic barrier gates are solely intended for vehicular usage only. Pedestrian walkways are to be provided and maintained along with proper signage directing pedestrians to walk-through routes and site entrances.
  • People should not be allowed in the gate area since an automatic barrier gate can begin to work at any time without warning.
  • Never ever let children play with or operate barrier gate controls. This applies especially to wireless radio transmitters.
  • In addition, children should not be allowed to play on or congregate in or around the barrier gate arm, the immediate area or operators, especially entrapment zones.
  • You should learn how to raise and lower the barrier gate arm manually in case of power failure.
  • Locate the power on/off controls and learn to use.

In addition, you should regularly hire a professional installation company such as ECI to inspect overall gate operation and maintain all hardware. They should test entrapment areas as discussed earlier at Checking Entrapment Zones | Part of Vehicle Gate Maintenance. As a caution, only professionals should make any necessary repairs to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Read more information about ECI’s Service and Preventative Maintenance. Call ECI at 847.949.0134 or click below for direct contact information.