Just last Friday, January 4th, News on 6 in Tulsa, OK reported a woman crashed into a steel security bollard while driving an SUV. The bollard was protecting people on a walking trail at Gathering Place in Tulsa, OK from such an event.

Guess who won the contest? The security bollard, of course!

Security personnel attempted to stop the driver who was allegedly driving while drunk. She continued driving and slammed into the bollard.

If you visit the site and watch the video, you can see how the SUV settled off the ground at its front end. The front wheels actually appear to be 18”-24” off the ground.

You can find the story at “Woman Crashes SUV On Walking Trail At Tulsa’s Gathering Place”.

Fortunately, the park was closed at the time and no one was injured. The security bollard worked as expected and people are delighted.

A representative of Gathering Place was quoted as saying the security bollards were meant to protect “large congregation spaces…to prevent cars or vehicles from entering crowded spaces”. This bollard did just that and passed its test.

According to their website, A Gathering Place is a Riverfront Park in Tulsa. 100 Acres of waterfront scenery along the Arkansas River was converted into a space for the community to gather after years of planning. Ground was broken in 2014 and the first guests were welcomed in 2018.

There are numerous attractions and events are sponsored year round. There are art displays, sports and trails and dining establishments. Visiting Tulsa soon? Learn more at https://www.gatheringplace.org/

As reported here many times, perimeter security bollards are meant to protect people and property from assaults using automobiles and trucks as weapons. As shown here, not all incidents are terrorist driven. Protection is still required.

Security bollards can be active or passive, fixed or removeable. Learn more about Crash Rated Bollards at https://eci-illinois.com/crash-rated-bollards/

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