Removable Crash Rated Bollard - Chicago Day School

Removable Crash Rated Bollard – Chicago Day School

Last week I found a primer on bollards and security on a site called Multibriefs. The article was titled: “How bollards increase security at commercial and outdoor spaces”.

The author points out that there has been a shift in company and governmental thinking that emphasizes a push to preventing incidents by upgrading outdoor security. I think this comes as a due course from the growing use of vehicles in terror incidents, crash and grabs as well as just plain accidents.

Vehicles are easy to acquire, rent or steal. They can be used as weapons and loaded with explosives for transport. Or they can cause destruction due to mishandling.

Security bollards offer increased safety for employees and pedestrians in outdoor spaces as well as security for buildings and property.

The article defines what a basic bollard is. The term bollard comes from those anchors on piers used to moor large boats. A thick rope attaches the ship to the dock to prevent movement in the water.

Now we also use the term to describe posts embedded in the ground to control traffic flow or impede vehicles from entering critical defined areas. According to the writing, this includes “outside of storefronts, to separate paved walkways from paved motorways, to block off public parks or outdoor spaces, and more.”

The article goes on to describe the types of materials bollards are frequently constructed from as well as different models and types of bollards. It also differentiates between ‘low-impact bollards’ used for a visual effect and anti-ram bollards used in high-security applications.

It’s worth your time to read more if you are interested in the author’s opinion on the overall and specific benefits of installing security bollards. He also touches on applications and the need to consider installing bollards at your location.

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