Bollard Installation by ECI-Illinois in Chicago

Bollard Installation by ECI-Illinois in Chicago

In Toronto this past April a van attack left some 10 people dead. It is nearly impossible to stop determined drivers from using weaponized vehicles to attack people. This was according to an article in the Toronto Sun on April 27th entitled “What could be done to prevent incidents like van attack? Experts weigh in”.

There is a chance that over time new technology (such as automatic braking) can be added to vehicles to minimize the risks. But this is both far into the future and would not eliminate the threat from using older cars and trucks.

Are Urban Streets Basically Unsafe?

Local communities have their role in planning for pedestrian safety and lowering risk factors. These can include use of security bollards, barriers and other obstacles to lower the risk of car and trucks entering sidewalks. In addition to anti-terrorism safeguards these applications would also address general public safety from accidental encroachments as well as DUI incidents.

Good Guys At Risk From Security Bollards

It seems bollards are presenting a danger to the “good guys” at Newbury Racecourse in the United Kingdom as reported by Newbury Today on May 2nd. Dozens of vehicles have been damaged or demolished and people have been hurt trying to access the gym in an adjacent property.

The culprits are the very security bollards intent on protecting the property from unauthorized access. The apparent malfunction is with the vehicle tag identification system and bollard control. Lowered bollards have been rising and damaging the underneath of the vehicles driving through. Sometimes even the drivers have been injured.

A new system of barriers is to be installed which will replace the bollards and alleviate the hazard. Read the details of the story at “Newbury Racecourse to pull the plug on ‘danger’ bollards”.

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