The story of a 71-year-old man who drove his car onto a sidewalk in San Diego made headlines yesterday. It happened during a rainy morning where homeless people were apparently taking shelter from the rain under an overpass.

There were multiple fatalities and injuries in the story reported by USA Today: “3 dead, 6 injured after car strikes crowd on San Diego sidewalk; 71-year-old driver detained”. The location is near the San Diego City College.

Apparently, the car was proceeding down the street when it veered to the right, jumped the sidewalk and struck the pedestrians. It was not known whether people were sleeping at the time or just standing around seeking shelter. It was noted that there were tents in the area.

The driver remained on the scene and identified himself to the police. He is being held on bond pending several counts and is suspected of driving while under the influence.

I could not see the exact location nor do I know the circumstances as to whether this was a normal shelter the homeless used to get out from bad weather.

I do know that if this location was regularly used by the homeless. If it was, bollards could have been installed to protect against a potential event such as this. Automatic security bollards would probably have been overkill and too expensive. But what about concrete bollards used in construction?

Or do the homeless not deserve the same attention as others?

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