Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Just last week I wrote, “Security Bollards to Protect Downtown Las Vegas Pedestrians” on this blog. Last month Security Infowatch had another interesting article about security bollards on its web site. Greg Hamm wrote about “Protecting staff, patients and visitors from vehicle assault” which discusses using security bollards as a permanent solution on hospital campuses.

The story tells about a lawsuit stemming from a vehicle slamming into a hospital emergency room in Atlanta, GA. The accident resulted in multiple people being injured and one death.

The issue of the safety of patients and pedestrians was raised along with protecting against drivers who might lose control of their vehicles due to illness or confusion. It was suggested that the hospital install security bollards as a way to protect people on foot in high traffic areas, much like protecting against terrorists using vehicles in assaults.

The article goes on to explain the differences in a variety of security bollards available. It cites examples of active security bollards that can be raised to curtail traffic and then lowered to allow access (i.e. on maintenance roads). Fixed bollards are installed where permanent protection is required along building perimeters.

The article claims that fixed bollards are preferable over cement pots or posts. It states: “…when hit, cement posts and pots can explode, literally spreading shrapnel throughout the crowd, potentially creating numerous injuries.”

Other information is provided dealing with today’s smart design (aesthetics), adhering to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) installation placement, crash ratings, etc. It also warns against using “non-certified bollards” and reminds us of high school physics applications in design and installation.

We at ECI are in agreement and stringently adhere to manufacturer’s installation guidelines to maintain crash rating standards whether at hospitals, government facilities, education or business locations.

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