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In early December last year I wrote “Anti Terrorist Efforts Continue To Be Implemented in the UK”. In it, I wrote “Although no significant threats have been reported, Bath’s busy streets pose attractive targets for potential terrorism according to local police chiefs. The city has already installed concrete barriers in its anti-terrorism efforts. These could soon be replaced to fit with the city’s medieval character.”

The BBC reported last week in “Bath counter-terror measures being considered for city centre”. City officials and anti-terrorist police want to further limit access to the center of the city. They claim that the measures are proportionate to the threat which still exists in the country.

In the past terrorists have targeted pedestrians in crowded locations in the U.K. The extended security measures are an effort to prevent vehicular attacks against pedestrians.

The theme officials use is ‘Safe, secure, protected’. They proclaim that residents should be on alert but not necessarily alarmed by the increased efforts.

Certain restrictions are already in place to restrict traffic covering eight hours during the day. Further recommendations include the elimination of some parking and adding fixed and automatic security bollards. It would also introduce 24-hour restrictions. Presently authorized vehicles have access during restricted times.

These include emergency service and construction vehicles as well as bank cash trucks. Residents’ vehicles, home delivery vehicles, cabs will no longer have access and car parking will be banned.

Some are concerned that any further action is mainly in consideration of businesses and fails to consider residents. Others claim it may lead to the disabled being trapped within the city’s center. Comments are extended and can be made by residents now until the end of this month.

I suppose this is a better safe than sorry philosophy.

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