Earlier this month I wrote a follow up piece entitled “K Rated High Security Fencing Replaces Chicago Locks Cyclone“. In it I discussed our installation of about 450 feet of K-12 Rated fencing supplied by Ameristar / Assa Abloy. The fencing replaced the dilapidated cyclone fencing at Chicago Harbor Locks which is located just south of Navy Pier.

Ameristar / Assa Abloy also supplies ECI with bollards and other security barriers. The above video shows their shallow mount Bulwark® M30 bollards in an array with three across. The video below shows a single security bollard.

In each video watch how one shallow mounted bollards literally rips apart the front end of the truck, collapsing the cab and bringing the truck to an abrupt halt.

These bollards have been tested to ASTM F2656-15 standards which means each can stop a truck weighing 7.5 tons and traveling 30 miles per hour within three feet. This is the equivalent to a K-4 crash rating.

Shallow mounted products are great for locations which require a limiting depth that can be dug but still need the security of an anti-ram security bollard. The M30 requires only a six foot by 12 foot foundation with a 13 inch bury depth.

Bollards are available in two standard finish options as well as several custom design options. The bollards can be installed either as fixed in place or removable.

The company also offers the M50, a K-12 crash rated security bollard, as well as an ultra shallow mount bollard which needs an even smaller foundation and less bury depth.

Learn more about crash ratings at our Crash Rated Bollards page.

Are bollards part of your future security plans?

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