The Raptor is a shallow mount, retractable security bollard with an unusual curved design. It does offer some unique advantages over other automatic security bollards and wedge barriers.

The above video shows the Raptor as it goes through an ASTM International crash test. ASTM was previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

You first see still images of a loaded flatbed truck up next to the crash rated bollard. The first image is from the front, then the side and then lastly up close from the side.

Next, the truck travels into view from the right and slams into the extended Raptor. The entire motor section is propelled forward while the driver’s portion of the cab and the bed stop moving forward immediately.

Then you can see the impact to the cab up close and also looking down from a camera mounted above. Slow-motion clips from the side follow. You can see the truck’s rear axle being lifted off the ground by several feet as the vehicle comes to a halt.

A close-up of the Raptor’s operation is shown next. The bollard extends from its housing in about four to six seconds, depending on the setting. Its height is a little over three feet when fully extended and the width is about 15 inches. The excavation depth is about 20 inches and the unit does not require pre-casting nor concrete reinforcement.

The second video above shows an array of 10 bollards installed in the U.S. These bollards can be installed either as a single unit or spaced out to cover any size access points.

The manufacturer claims that the “Raptor security bollard is ideal for sites where high security is essential, but where a contemporary style and design is also required.”

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